Work and Learn Programme ("WLP") aims to provide Bachelor Degree holders or Higher Diploma holders the opportunity to understand the basic know-how, skills and knowledge of the insurance industry, especially in middle- and back-offices of insurance business.
Through class-room training and hands-on work experience, WLP aims to increase participants' awareness of the wide range of career opportunities and the career paths in the insurance industry.  Student-workers will receive monthly remuneration from and tuition fee sponsored by participating employers, as well as monthly allowance from the Government.
Top performing student-workers at both workplace and study will have the opportunity to explore the international insurance markets through an Overseas Immersion Programme.
WLP will invite application three times a year (i.e. March, July, and November), throughout 2016/17 to 2018/19.

Eligible Applicants

General Applicants
  • A resident of the HKSAR and lawfully employable in Hong Kong; and
  • Bachelor Degree holder; or
  • Higher Diploma holder with more than 1 year work experience
Note: Experienced candidates who do not meet the academic requirements will be considered on a case by case basis.
Company Referral Applicants
WLP accepts application of existing practitioners in the insurance industry referred by his/her employer, provided that:
  • Company referral applicant fulfilled the academic requirements of general applicants listed above; and
  • Company referral applicant served the current company for not more than two years; and
  • The current employer of the company referral applicant has also joined WLP as a participating company.

Programme Feature

Structured programme
  • Work 4 days a week and study 1 day a week
Allowance and Sponsorship for Programme
  • Receive $30,300 tuition fee sponsorship from participating employer #
  • Receive no less than $10,000 monthly remuneration from participating employer
  • Receive $2,500 monthly allowance from the Government
Income upon Graduation
  • Receive a monthly remuneration of no less than $12,500 from participating employer~
Recognised Qualification
  • Awarded with Professional Diploma in Insurance*
         (recognised under the Qualifications Framework at Level 4)^
Professional Development
  • Eligible for Senior Associate Membership of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) 
  • Awarded up to a maximum of 120 credits for Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)+ insurance qualification
Overseas Exposure
  • Top performing student-workers to attend a 2-week intensive immersion programme in overseas insurance institutions
#  The tuition fee per module is $3,600, and to be increased to $3,850 starting from March 2019.  PDI tuition fee is $30,300 for 8 modules.
~ The remuneration comprises basic salary and other allowances such as meal allowance and transportation allowance (Applicable to student-workers employed by the same participating employer upon WLP completion)
* The qualification is awarded by the Institute of Professional Education And Knowledge (PEAK) under the Vocational Training Council (VTC)
^ QR registration no.: 14/002698/L4, validity period: From 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2022
+ Subject to successful completion of the WLP. Details please refer to notes to student at PEAK website

Selection Procedure

Applicants are required to submit application form together with curriculum vitae, cover letter(s) and copies of all academic transcripts and/or employment references, or current employment contract (applicable to company referral applicants) to VTC before the application deadline. Applicants may also be required to attend job interview(s) arranged by the participating employer(s) (not applicable to company referral applicants) and/or academic admission interview(s) conducted by VTC. Participating employer may select an applicant based on their past academic attainment, work experiences (if applicable), as well as interview performance.

Important Date

Please note the below important dates for the application of the 7th cohort of WLP (Nov 2018 Intake):
23/7/2018 to 17/8/2018 Open for company enrollment
20/8/2018 to 14/9/2018 (Extended to 28/9/2018) Open for student-worker enrollment
17/9/2018 to 1/11/2018 Job matching, interview & admission process
2/11/2018 Start of 16-month traineeship

Job Vacancies

Participating Companies and Job Vacancies (7th Cohort – Nov 2018 Intake)

Online Enrollment Form (Applicable to General Applicants only)

Click here for enrollment


Programme Information (7th Cohort – Nov 2018 Intake)
Application Form for Student-workers (7th Cohort – Nov 2018 Intake) 
Application Form for Companies (7th Cohort – Nov 2018 Intake)

Publicity Materials

Promotion Flyer (Chinese Version Only)

Student Sharings

Media Report Media Date
* AM730 5/1/2018
*only Chinese version available


About student-workers
1.  When does the Work and Learn Programme start and end?
The Work and Learn Programme (WLP) invites application three times a year, i.e. every March, July, and November, throughout 2016 – 19.
2.  What is the duration of the WLP?
The WLP lasts for 16-month.
3.  Is there any application fee? Are there any sponsorship or subsidies that I can apply?
No fee is required for application. If you successfully enrolled into the WLP, you will be entitled to a sponsorship on the tuition fee of the Professional Diploma of Insurance programme and a monthly government allowance of HK$2,500 during the 16-month traineeship.
4.  Is this a paid job placement? If so, how much is the salary?
During the 16-month traineeship, a student-worker will be entitled to a monthly remuneration of no less than HK$10,000.
5.  How many days do I have to work and attend classes each week?
You will generally work four days and study one day a week.
6.  Which companies are offering job placement opportunities?
The participating companies consist of insurance company, insurance brokerage company and professional intermediaries company. Please refer to the participating company list for details.
7.  What job positions can I expect from the WLP? Will I be placed in any sales or front-line position?
The WLP offers middle- and back-office positions in the insurance industry. There are no front-line sales positions.
8.  Are there any examinations or assignments during the course?
A student-worker will be enrolled into the Professional Diploma in Insurance programme, which consists of 8 modules. Each module is assessed by assignments and examination.
9.  What qualification can I obtain upon completion of the WLP?
Upon the WLP completion, apart from obtaining a professional diploma award pegged at level 4 of the Qualification Framework (QF), you will also be eligible to apply for the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance (ANZIIF) Senior Associate Membership and be awarded up to a maximum of 120 credits for Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) insurance qualification.
10.  How do I know am I eligible for the WLP? Is the WLP limited to graduates from any specific disciplines?
You should make application only if you are a resident of HKSAR and lawfully employable in Hong Kong. Besides, you should be a Bachelor Degree holder, or Higher Diploma holder with more than one year work experience. The WLP welcomes graduates from any disciplines to apply. Experienced applicants who do not meet the academic qualification will be considered on a case by case basis.  Otherwise, you can be referred by an insurance company to join the WLP if you are the current employee of that company.  Please refer to question 16.
11.  Can I apply if I am not a permanent resident of HKSAR?
Yes. Applications from non-permanent residents of HKSAR are welcomed.
12.  Does the WLP have any quota on number of student-workers?
The programme will recruit around 15 student-workers per cohort. Any adjustments to the quota will be separately announced.
13.  How to apply for the WLP?
Applicant is required to submit application form together with resume, cover letter(s), and copies of all academic transcripts, and/or employment reference before the application deadline. The application form can be downloaded at this website.
14.  What is the selection process and when would I know the result?
Your application details will be forwarded to the selected companies according to your job preference in the application, and you may be invited to attend interviews arranged by the selected companies and/or Vocational Training Council during the selection process. You will be informed of the interview result by phone or by email, subject to the arrangement of the companies, prior to the commencement of the traineeship.
15.  Any chances that I can continue my employment with the same employer upon the completion of the WLP? If so, how much is the salary?
The continuity of employment of a student-worker will be subject to employer’s consideration. If you are employed as a full-time employee by the same employer upon the completion of the WLP, you will be entitled to an annual remuneration of no less than HK$150,000 starting from the 17th month of employment for one year.
About employers
16.  Can I apply the WLP for my existing employee?
The WLP accepts application of existing practitioners in the insurance industry referred by his/her employer (company referral applicant), provided that:
(1) the employee fulfilled the academic requirements of the WLP; and
(2) the employee served the your company for not more than two years; and
(3) you have joined the WLP as a participating company.
You should submit application form for student-workers and companies together when making an application for your employee.
17.  Can any company join the WLP?
No.  The WLP accepts application from those companies carrying on insurance business, that includes insurance company, insurance brokerage company or professional intermediary company.
18.  What will happen if I couldn't recruit any student-worker in specific intake?
The job placement provided will be automatically retained for subsequent rounds of intake until the placement has been filled.  A written notice should be submitted to the Secretariat if you ceased to offer the job placement.
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