"Summer Internship Programme" – Insurance Industry


(Application deadline: 12 May 2023)

  1. Please read the "Programme Information" carefully before completing this application form ("Form").
  2. Applicant shall (A) submit the completed Form by post, fax, email or online enrollment together with the following supporting documents: (a) a photocopy of the applicant’s student identity card; (b) a photocopy of academic transcripts of the applicant; (c) a curriculum vitae of the applicant; (d) cover letter(s); and (B) satisfy the HKID Card requirement by providing proofs on his/her residency status and eligibility of taking internship in Hong Kong. To satisfy (B), applicant must present the original copy of the HKID Card to the Secretariat of the Pilot Programme to Enhance Talent Training for the Insurance Sector, or send a photocopy of the HKID Card to the Secretariat by post, fax or email. Applicant holding a student visa should also submit copy of “No Objection Letter” and the endorsement letter issued by the studying institution after he/she has accepted offer of internship placement. Applications which are incomplete, late or not accompanied by copies of the required supporting documents, or those which do not comply with the HKID Card requirement will not be processed. All the HKID Card copies collected will be destroyed after the completion of the verification process.

Applicant Information

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